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Our Donoussa…

the little gem of the Aegean

Our Donoussa, the little gem of the Aegean, is the northern island of the small Cyclades. It is located north of Amorgos and east of Naxos, which is 9 nautical miles away. On the island you can find a mini-market, a grocery store, a bakery, gift shops and souvenir shops, magazines, and of course café-bar, ouzeri, souvlaki ,pizzeria.

The villages

STAVROS: Cross or plain, as the locals call it. It is the biggest island of the island and its harbor. Despite the great tourist development of the last years it remains a picturesque settlement with unique charm and fame. In the settlement Stavros dominates the magnificent church of the Holy Cross, from which it took its name. All the services of the island and its shops, as well as almost all rooms to rent are here.

MESSARIA: In the southeastern part of the island we meet Messaria, or Haravgi, a hamlet inhabited only in the summer, and uninhabited for the rest of the year. Messaria was the largest village on the island until the late 1970s. Built on the mountainside, proudly oversees of all the islands in the south.

MERSINI: Even further east we will come across the village of Mersini, characterized by the majestic plane tree and the spring of running fresh water.  It is a traditional mountain village, built on the steep slope of the mountain, with a breathtaking view !!! About 20 permanent residents reside in the settlement, but during the summer months it hosts many tourists who want to enjoy the coolness of the plane and the spring and the magnificent view, as well as the excellent  food from the two taverns of the village.

The sights

PANO AND KATO MYLOS  IN MESSARIA: Under the settlement of Messaria are two ruined windmills, with paranoid views of the endless blue. There the inhabitants of the island used to mill the barley and the wheat for the production of flour. Access from the path that starts from  Kedros beach.

THE KALATARIANIO  FANARI: at the northernmost end of the island (NE) near the cape of Kalotaritissa, a two-kilometer trail leads us to the half-ruled lighthouse and to a magnificent scenery with rocks that fall into the sea from a height of 150 meters and we can see the endless blue of the Aegean. One of the most beautiful places in Donoussa and worth the effort. ACCESS ONLY by walking through the settlement of Kalotaritissa.

FOKOSPILIA: Foscospilia is located on the east side of Donoussa, near the Moschonas cape. The cave, decorated with corals and stalactites, was named after the seals that were found here. The shades that take the deep blue waters in the sun make it one of the most popular attractions of the island. Access only with the local boat, which stops for a while, so one can swim.

SPRINGS IN DONOUSSA: On our beautiful island you will find 3 natural springs. One is located in the Mersini settlement, with the imposing, century-old plane tree and the rich nature that offer unique moments of relaxation. Leaving Mersini with the settlement of Kalotaritissa, we will find one more of the springs of the island in Stephanokampos. There is a path that starts from the left side of the road to Kalotaritissa. The third natural spring of the island is located to the northwest of the beach.

THE CAVE OF THE WALL: The sea and the wind worked perfectly and adorned the northwest coast of Donoussa with impressive rocks and caves, which are sculpted over the interesting rocks of this side. A huge opening of about 25 meters and up to 15 meters wide will take you through the rock. The amazing waters, the smooth curved roof from where stalactites hang and the impressive rocks make up the image that the visitor will keep in his memory.

MINING: Donoussa operated mines in two parts of the island. One near the mount Papas and the other northwest of Kedros beach. They produced copper, iron, aluminum and white stone. Access is relatively easy on foot, but it’s advised not to try entering.

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